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Rog 1-- don't worry, I have no plans of giving up on anything or any specific area. The thing that is funny (or peculiar) is that the crossing is nothing that would register on any normal trip. (We all made it across in the dark on the way in.) The crossings above CS24 were a little more involved-- but nothing to get your feet wet in. Little River was gorgeous-- I have no intentions of giving up on it, the Smokies, backpacking or flyfishing. My biggest concern is if my ankle will heal in time for my planned Thanksgiving trip. I'm tired of crutches already-- my triceps are still burned from all the use they got on the hike out.

BRF-- we met several groups of fishermen on the way in and they all said the fishing was great until about 2:00PM on Friday, which curiously was the time I arrived at the trailhead. Perhaps the trout and hiking gods are frowning on my breaking a promise to my springer not to take two consecutive trips to the Park...

I'll be back to my daily running in no time...
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