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Spotlight-- I didn't weigh my pack before I went; but it was definitely the lightest pack I've carried on a trip in a while. I took my solo tent and an ultralight down sleeping bag. And on the way back out I had already consumed: most of the fuel I packed in, 2 nalgenes of tea and 1 16 oz Coke, as well as much of my food. I did pack out as much of others people's garbage as I could; but the heaviest part of this was an assortment package of plastic knives, forks and spoons that someone had left at CS24 (sorry if anyone was planning on their "cutlery" being there). I would guess my pack was less than 30lbs on the way out.

mora-- As I've sat here on the couch trying to decide between reruns of "Keep Up With the Cardashians" or "The Real Hos (oops-- that should be housewives, LOL) of Whatever County" I've often wondered if I should have just gotten my feet wet or even better, put on the waders and wading boots I was carrying. And to think, I was just trying to break in a fairly new pair of Vasques...

rivergal-- my springer has been enjoying her new bowl of foot-flavored ice water that resides in front of the couch.

The mice at CS24 were as crafty and determined as at any shelter on the AT. Anything warm and fuzzy left unattended for more than three minutes became shredded-- they especially loved the expensive Smartwool socks. After two days and one night of Rodent Shock and Awe, we were forced to defend ourselves and our property, sending a few of the Hantavirus taxis to that great hunk of cheese in the sky. Humans must underestimate the cognitive abilities of mice, as we never saw another one after that.

We also saw deer, quite a few turkeys, a raccoon fishing for a meal, a couple of chipmunks and several leeches. (No, there were no "Stand By Me" moments.)

My few days of "sabbatical" have reinforced my disdain of the idiot box. Thank God I can already limp to the bathroom or the kitchen without the crutches.

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