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RS, I have three TFO Pros (two 8'6" 3wts and a 7'6" 3wt). The St Croix Avid 9' 4wt casts about the same as the TFOs (both the TFO Pro and St. Croix Avid are listed as Med/Fast) but the Avid is more stout through the handle and has a better feel to me, when fighting a fish.

But everyone's casting stroke works best with different rods, so I would highly recommend trying a few out, if for nothing else than to test what you don't like...

And remember, if you do fish in the mtns, its not a matter of if you will break a flyrod, but if your rod manufacturer will repair it and at what cost, when you do break it...TFO and St Croix both have great Warranties, as does Sage, I believe...

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