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Originally Posted by BlueRaiderFan View Post
you keep them?

Me: Two rods. A cheapo 8'6" 6wt White River outfit as a back up that I keep in my "SUV" (A truck sealed off on the back end) and a 8' 4wt TFO with Orvis BBSIII reel that I use most of the time. I do want to get a new 6wt set up for the Caney and put the White River outfit in my wife's car (in case I take her car and forget my rig). I guess I need to get a BBSII for the 4wt and put the BBSIII on my new 6wt, but it casts just fine for me so far.
BlueRaiderFan--I'm afraid I'm not what could be described as a minimalist when it comes to rods. To tell the truth, I've never counted. I do know I have three bamboo rods--A South Bend Tonkin cane one which was my first rod and which has to be 75+ years old since it was a hand-me-down from my father, a one-piece 61/2 foot Hardy rod, and a classic three-piece F. E. Thomas. Similarly, I know that I have three fiberglass rods. When you get to the modern stuff though, I'm guessing somewhere between 75 and a 100. Most of them came my way from manufacturers over the years, especially when I wrote the Trout & Salmon column for North American Fisherman magazine for a time. Also, several were given to me by "clients" back when I was part of a fishing operation working out of white Sulphur Springs, MT. I can only remember buying two, and in each case it was because I wanted a special purpose rod.

In my case, a more relevant question might be how many do I use. I fish the Sound Bend bambook rod once or twice a year purely for nostalgic reasons, I have a nine-piece L. L. Bean pack rod I use a fair amount in the backcountry, and I have a four-weight Winston and a five-weight Sage which see considerable use.

The flat-out truth of it is that fly rods are sort of like guns--you can never have too many of them.

Jim Casada

P. S. If nothing else, the matter made me realize I probably ought to take an inventory.
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