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I won't say how many rods I have for fear my wife may read this. Let's just say my rods are like my guitars. I have more equipment than I have talent. Like Jim said, one cannot have too many.

What do I fish most?

3wt Scott G2 8'4" I picked up from a guy on another forum for cheap (nearly unused, he was thinning the herd to buy a new 'boo rod)

4wt 9' Winston BIIt that I bought on a trip to Yellowstone with my son. This rod gets a lot of use.

5wt 9' Scott G2 I picked up cheap from a guy on Ebay

9' 7wt Redington my wife got for Christmas. Not sure, maybe LRO maybe Cabelas. not sure.

Of these that I use regularly, the Winston gets the most use followed by the 5wt Scott then the 3wt and last the 7wt.

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