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I will probably buy about 3 more rods and reels and call it quits. At least, that's the plan...
I've heard that one before. I bet your wife was in the room when you typed that response.

Last time I brought a new guitar in the house, my loving sweet, kind, gentle wife (she does sometimes read these posts) asked me which one I was going to sell. The look on her face when I told her I wasn't planning on selling any of my guitars was, let's say, priceless.

The good thing about fly rods and reels is they do not take up as much room as guitar cases and are a bit easier to get in the house undetected.

Also, she knows what a Martin, Strat, Les Paul or Taylor costs. Fly rods are just fishing poles, how expensive can they be? Let's all just keep that our little secret, OK?

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