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You should come to Nashville and check out Gruhn Guitars...Nothing like a $30,000 strat to open your eyes.
I've been there and yes, it's a very (VERY) dangerous place.

I recently sold my Les Paul to fund some other purchases.
I have 2 Martins. One, my wife knows how much I paid. All she knows about the other one was it was a "little" more.
Ovation my dad bought when I graduated from High School in 1978
Seagull 12 string
no-name campfire beater
Epiphone Les Paul bass.

Gruhn's is a divorce lawyer's favorite place. Also, the guitar store in Seveirville - the one on the main road through town - is also a dangerous place. They had a really nice old Gibson J45 there a few years back that almost came home to Kentucky with me. Had Leslie not been with me that trip, I think it would have been added to the collection.

LRO is also a dangerous place for me.. The good news is Leslie sees the money saving potential in tying flies.
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