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Rivergal--Other than helping folks like LRO and yours truly keep the wolf from the door, being a minimalist isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was into my 30s before I owned more than a single fly rod, and I only owned two guns (a single-shot 20 gauge and a much nice Belgian Browning semi-auto .22). I'm probably not much better as a fly fishermen now than I was then. Maybe a bit better caster, definitely more knowledgeable on some tactics and techniques, but on the downhill side when it comes to rough terrain, wading skills, and ability to hike mile after endless mile.
The real reason for more rods (or guns) is that the vast majority of us find considerable pleasure and pride in ownership. We like our stuff, enjoy talking about it bragging on it, looking for it (in the case of collectibles), and in general recognizing that, as Arnold Gingrich once wrote, "the fishing's only part of it." Another part is the powerful pull of paraphernalia. I'll give two examples of someone who is a wonderful (or tragic) testament to this delightful disease, yours truly.
I'm sitting in a huge room, equipped not only with floor to ceiling book shelves on three walls but also with walk between stacks just like a library, surrounded by perhaps 8,000 books on the outdoors, and scattered throughout the rest of the house and in two storage sheds are several thousand more. As if that isn't enough, I probably own at least 600 turkey calls, and I'm not talk about diaphragms. That doesn't even touch guns, a collection of thousands of old outdoor magazines, vintage photographs galore, all sorts of Smokies "stuff," and of course fly rods. Obviously I have a long-suffering and understanding wife!
With all that by way of confession though, from the standpoint of being functional as a fisherwoman, you have enough. Whatever you add henceforth will be the cherry atop a sundae, lace on a bride's pajamas, or extra jam in a stack cake.
Jim Casada
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