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I grew up in Erie. Moved away after college (work), but still have many family members that live in the area.

My grandfather started a fishing tackle/bait store back in 1964. My father ran it until 2 years ago when he retired. I fished the Lake Erie Tribs for a lot of years. When I was in high school it was Walleye and Yellow Perch in the summer and Coho (few trout) in the Fall/Winters. For the last 10+ years, Steelhead have dominated the streams b/c of all the stocking of smolts.

Here’s a few pics. Hard to take a pic when you are the only one around.

Tuesday, November 3rd: Fished from 2 -5:30 pm. Hooked 2 and landed 2. A front moved thought the area. The temps started around 45' and started dropping. Wind, hail, and rain. I wore my breathable waders. I will not do that again. It was cold even with layers. I will go back to my neoprene waders. Yes, I will look like a TN duck hunter with a fly rod in my hand (but I will be warm). Fished the fast water with smaller line and nymphs - prince in size 12. Action was slow. Water was clear and spooky fish. Need rain to bring in more fish. Took the strike indic. off and started bottom-bouncing.

Wednesday, November 4th: Fished the AM hours. Hooked 5 and landed 1. Had a harder time today landing them. I had a few other hits that I missed. Nothing that major in fish size - all fresh looking fish. All fish in the 24-26” range. Had lunch with my uncle and never made it back to the river. All of the fish are in the pools . . . and so are the fishermen. A little harder to find a peaceful spot, but talked to many friendly fishermen from all over the Eastern US. Mostly fly guys during the week. Bait fishermen are here in droves on the weekends. They all come to catch that CHROME beast. Same method as the day before - bottom bouncing. Egg patterns worked better today. Fish sitting in the heavy riffles towards the head of the fast water. Needed to adjust (add) split-shot to get the right drift to each 'run'. Bad side is more weight means more snags. Easy to deal with if you are catching fish.

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