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The fishing for redfish has been pretty good on the low tides from a boat. It has been a little cold for high tide flats fishing. This is typically the best month for fishing for them from a boat though. Let me know if you get to head down this way and I will try to get you some more specific information, and if you need a fishing partner. The airflow does sound interesting, and the price is pretty reasonalble. I like what I hear about the sharkskin, but the price is steep and those reds can sometimes give you a pretty blistering run. I got a new rod that I am aching to try out. I picked up a custom built Z-axis on ebay for $395.00, it is a beaut, and I am hoping not to have to wait until next spring/summer to try it out. By the way did you see the picture of the bear I took on the straight fork? It is in the smokies posting area.
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