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Here’s my report from Thursday, November 5th: I did not make the AM fishing hours - had a little too much fun the night before. Fished the afternoon hours on a creek on the PA/NY state line called 20 Mile Creek. Fished about 200 yards from the mouth of the creek.

All streams are still low and clear. Most of the fish are schooled in the pools. Fished next to a guy from New Jersey. He was a good person. I enjoyed talking to him (did not mind sharing the fishing hole or information on what was working). He found a great pool that had a shelf/drop-off. The fish were schooled on the low side of the drop. Fish were very active. Hooked 6-8 and landed 4. Also, I had some other foul-hooked fished (not counting those). Weather was cold again. I think it was about 42 degrees with 25-30 mph winds. More drizzly rain and hail. My fingertips were not ready.

Fish were eating everything. Nymphs more that eggs or sucker spawn. When you changed flies, that would trigger a strike.

Here’s a story about HOW LONG A FISH WILL STRIKE AGAIN ONCE HOOKED. I hooked a steelie on a pink egg pattern. The fly had a little flash on it with a black v-shaped tail. I had the fish hooked for about 3-4 minutes, it took off, met a log against the bank, then it broke off. About 15 minutes later the guy next to me from New Jersey hooks a fish. He walks down the creek and lands it. Then he walks back and taps me on the shoulder and shows me the fly that I broke off. We both laughed b/c we knew that was my pattern. I was showing him this unique pattern before I started to using it.

Here I am with one of the fish (got the Power T Hat working):

Fresh Fish, not so good of a picture:

Lake Erie starting to calm down 3-4 foot waves, down from 5-6 footers:
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