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Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post
Beautiful specs, Troutman. Never fished that far up on Sams. Did you start on Defeat Ridge and just keep going up from there?
Not sure the names of those ridges. I don't have the topo map with me at work right now but the trailhead begins there at the end of the gravel above tremont. Lynn camp to the left and sams/ thunderhead to the right.
Once you cross Thunderhead, the trail takes a high road above the river. The stream must be crossed several times and the trail can be tough to see in places. It has really become overgrown above the 4th stream crossing. It becomes basically a game trail and several trees have blown down and low growing knee high vines are taking over. Just follow the river contours, cross the stream when you have too. There were a few places that I had to crawl on my knees under rhodo to stay with the trail. The hiking stick is handy for sweeping for snakes! (copperheads blend well with the leaves).
I used to hike this trail 4 times a year with Jim Parks, John Swistow and others from the TU chapters back when we took quarterly acid depo samples. Lots of pretty water to fish on this stream and like so many other places, it does take a little effort. You won't hear any cars, or annoying motorcycles up there though! but the rewards can be great....

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