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Hi Sam,

I am thirteen years old and got a brand new mountainsmith youth scout backpack this past Christmas for backpacking and fly fishing trips in the Smokies with my dad. I know I am talking about a youth pack for kids my age, but I think it is a really great pack and it can carry a huge load because of its size. What I am really trying to get at though is their adult packs which would be bigger and be able to carry even more than my smaller pack that can actually carry as much as a lot of adult frame size packs. If you don't like these packs though, another great brand is kelty packs. My dad just got his kelty tioga pack earlier this year like me and likes it a lot. Our first trip with our new packs was in July this year, and they were put through a tough test into one of the most remote sections of the park in which they were proven worthy as great packs. I think you will like these two pack companies and if nothing else just check their websites out and see what else they have. I hope this helps your search.

Daniel Koeppel
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