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Default Boat Pojects....

Outside of lightly sanding and revarnishing the gunnels and front casting deck on my drifter.

What I want to do...

I have a little 10' Livingston Dinghy. It is a little twin V hull fiberglass boat. This one was used on a 40+' cruiser as a tender.

What I am wanting to do is add a supported aluminum casting deck to the front, with a knee brace that can be lowed when not in use, but raised and locked into position when in use. An 8-10 hp motor on the back and a foot controlled trolling motor to the front.

I plan is to install two swivel seats, put down some sort of foot grip on the walkway and casting deck and mount running lights so I don't get ticketed when fishing at night.

This boat will never be a main channel boat, but something I can use for cove hopping and fishing small private lakes and large ponds.

I have some drawings I have generated using CAD and some roughly dimensioned mark-ups. So I have a start. I just need to put the plan into action.

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