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Oh, it. Still you're bigger, so everything I said applies IMO, bring dried foods and beverage powders, some jerky and a water purifier (I assume you have a cook kit, stove, emergency blanket, small aid kit, etc.) Don't forget some rope to hang your pack in the trees, it also doubles as splint rope if you break a leg. When I was younger and camped a lot, my favorites were mac and cheese (put 3-4 in a large freezer bag, double bag it, and leave the boxes at home), any flavored pasta in a bag, dried beans, jerky, salt and pepper and some gatorade powder. You don't want to carry anything that is already hydrated as it's just too heavy. Those are the basics. If you like sweets, bring a snickers bar or two. They are great for adding that extra energy when you've been hiking all day. Also, from now to April, I would bring an extra couple of days of food. You never know when you are going to get snowed in up on the mountain. Same goes for stove fuel. I generally bring more food than I think I'll need because I am always more hungry because of all the hiking. The rest of the year, just bring the minimum. Don't forget to layer your clothing, it will be warm in the day and cold at night. I don't know nearly as much as most of the guys that post here, so hopefully you'll get some input from some others, but that should get you started. As far as spending the night, it just depends on the campsite and how many days you want to fish. It does get creepy when you are alone though! Don't worry, you will be fine though.
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