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I wanted to add something to my previous post... I was being lazy.

Of the two stores that I mentioned, I really like Little River Trading Company. This is just my opinion.

If you do go to one of the two stores make sure that you seek out someone who knows their stuff. You want to make sure the pack works for you.

Jody is the guy at LRTC. He is a very nice guy who spends a lot of time actually using the stuff that the store sells.

River Sports...I'm not sure who to talk to anymore. They get a lot of college kids in there that don't know the difference between packs but will try to sell you on which one is "more killer". I like the store but be careful to pay attention to who is giving their opinion.

I had one kid try to tell me that The North Face was "more killer" than any other brand and that everyone in his fraternity used their stuff. Complete idiot.

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports is another Knoxville store. Expect about the same as River Sports.

I also looked around at Mast General Store. I had to explain to the sales person that Gregory packs did in fact come in different sizes. She insisted that I was mistaken. I showed her what I was talking about and then left.

Plan to spend some time trying on packs. Load them down with weight and wear them around the store.

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