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I highly recommend Deuter packs. My wife and I both have one. They are not as popular here in the states, so they are less expensive than the other brands. They are very durable and rugged. They don't leave out any of the extras either. A rain cover comes standard and is built in to the bottom of the pack. If it starts to rain, you just unzip it and pull it over the top. Both of ours have a seperate sleeping bag compartment. We can fit both our bags and pads in there. You can also open it up to just one compartment instead of two if you wish. The lids have a few small compartments. They are very comfortable and roomy. You will definately pay less for one compared to a lot of other brands. They have their own line of hydration bladders that are great too. I think they are a brand that should be considered. But in the end pick the pack that fits best to your body.
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