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Sam I am a lightweight weenie when I hiked 700 miles on the Appalachian Trail this year I averaged 21 pounds with 3 days of food but I have found that backpacking to fly fish is different I want more stuff, more food, tackle, rods, etc, I just seen one of these packs today at the outfitters I was very impressed with the storage space and the features and it says you can carry 45lbs like a breeze. My last trip up deep Creek to #58 I was 30lbs but my buddy carried my softside cooler with the 6 pack inside or I would have had 35.

I found out that the more I carry the more I like camping the less I carry the more I like hiking. here is the link to the pack I thought it was pretty sweet! at Riversports outfitters you can get a 10% discount tell them your a member of my hiking group The Great Smokies Hiking & adventure group Little River Trading in Maryville is a great outfitter as well.

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