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Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post

I did find something else interesting in the TWRA Strategic Plan. TWRA is looking hard at trying to expand the number of anglers. Here is a set of specific action items that they intended to take to increase participation:
IX. Problem: Many anglers and potential anglers are not aware of existing stream fishing opportunities in Tennessee. Less avid anglers need additional motivation.
1. Promote stream fishing in Tennessee at a local, regional, and national level using professional advertising strategies. These efforts should target new anglers and persuade existing anglers to fish in Tennessee.
2. Develop maps identifying fishing opportunities for trout and warmwater species.
Good stuff, Pete.

As item 2 relates to the Park, at least, I wouldn't be offended in the least if TWRA referenced in a publication. Current and would-be anglers can view the maps for free. The agency might prefer to commission some outside mapping company to develop maps on our dime, but I think that would be difficult to sell to the legislature on any special funding during these tough economic times.

One feature of the maps is the highlighting of streams said to hold brook trout by the Fishery Biologists, et al. This gem of the species can stir far more interest than the 'bows and their pursuit would help disperse the "masses" of anglers to the farther reaches.

The maps are clearly not the best in regards to topos, etc., but are far less expensive than a stack of USGS maps. Along those same lines, a goal I have is to make the maps available on CDs, etc. through the Park Stores with proceeds going to the Great Smoky Mountains Association for helping the park.
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