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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
Spotlight, what are your thoughts on the 40d fabric on the Argon? I think 40d is a bit weak for a pack of that weight.

My impressions of Osprey has always been that they have rode fit and comfort as their selling points (with great success), and not necessarily design and technology. I do like the Exos series for an ultralight pack.

But hey, opinions are like you know whats, everyone has one.
I have had my Aether 60 stuffed to the gills and never ripped it, I hiked with a guy on the AT and his Exos ripped at the mesh on the pockets and Osprey gave him a brand new one free of charge so their warranty is awesome and if you want a real ultralight pack check out these.

But yes 40d is thin but it seemed pretty durable in the outfitters I WANT ONE!

Right now I have the ULA Circuit and love it! however my big 4 weighs just over 7lbs that's a 2 person tent Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo 2lbs 7 o/zs, a 2009 Thermarest self inflate mat 1lb, a Western Mountainering Megalite 30 degree down bag 1lb 8 o/z, and the Circuit is 36 o/zs.

I want the Argon because it has a lot of space I'd like to be able to put my rod case inside the pack so I could us a rain cover, right now my rain cover would never fit, it's way to small I am a ultralight backpacker but when I fly fish I want to be able to carry stuff the last trip I even had a chair kit for my Thermarest it's like a backcountry Lazyboy.
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