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Fishermans fly thank you for that insight. That is a well defined answer that I was searching for. Billyspey I feel the same as you. As I have stated many times before I don't buy TFO unless it is a rod of cause ex: Breast cancer, Healing waters. I have orvis, sage, winstons and I love them all but the recent growth in these korean rods left a debate between me and some people. They called me a gear guy (one who is more worried about names than gear) and simply ask how fancy a stick you need to catch a fish when you only got out 9 ft of line? I am looking at purchasing another rod soon, what I am looking at is the flight series or another launch (can not afford the zxl yet) what is your opinions on these two rods. I know it is up to me on the way they feel but I am talking about component make up and craftsmanship?
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