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You guys all make excellent points. There is no doubt in my mind and from what I hear from those in the fly fishing industry who are a lot smarter than me, participation is dropping off. I am struggling with that right now. It is not just fly fishing but all outdoor sports are losing popularity.

I remember when I believed the Park should mandate catch and release in the streams. I was wrong about that. I do believe TWRA is working toward a policy of providing a true quality fishery in our tailwaters. I saw a lot of enthusiasm at the last Commission meeting from management and the commissioners. Look what they did on the Caney. I think they will do that in other tailwaters. David, maybe they will make that high priced license worth the price over time. Giving young people a price break sounds good to me. You all make a lot of sense and I know for sure that TWRA folks read what you write on this board and they are watching what is going on in other states. Keep this one going.

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