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Hey FLYRED, hit me up with a email or just call me 828-400-3335, we can figure out how to get whatever to the appropriate people. From what I have gathered streamers, buggers, clousers and baitfish imitations are choice for the boys in iraq, They litterally will use anything we can give, old packs tippet leaders floatant older fly line anything, and for everybody else I am gonna take it upon myself to collect equipment from here on out in anticipation of the next package to be mailed so anyone who wants to help this will be a ongoing mission. Last night i was at the vise and couldn't help but think how cool that my flies will catch fish in iraq! But more than anything I am so thankful and proud to be able to help, in some small way, the men and women that are risking everything for us. Thanks so much to anyone that is willing to help me with this.

Barry Murphy
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Barry Murphy
828-400-3335 (Cell)
"Healing Those Who Serve"
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