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You may be getting alot of out of state fisherman who have a lot of money at the caney, but I can tell you from my own experience that I do not fish alot in TN becasue the license is just to high, particularly for the 1 or 2 trips I might make it up there. I buy a NC non-resident license every year, wheather I make it up there or not, becasue the fees are reasonable. I also choose to use the NC license for fishing in the Park because of the vast difference in price.

As far as young angler's and licenses, I think that the age for a license ought to be increased. If there is concern about tracking numbers, issue a free permit to them. I know in SC that a migratory bird permit is required for duck hunting, dove hunting, and I forget what else. All it is is a survey letting them know what you hunted for, how often you hunted, and what you bagged. The permit itself is no charge. I think that something like this would be good for the younger anglers.

I do not think that the anglers that have the money to make several trips to the "Caney" with a guide, etc. is the answer to increasing the number of fisherman. You will always have some folks that have and can afford that kind of fishing. I think you need to have a bigger base than that to really grow the sport.

My take on it is that TN looses some of the tourism tied to fishing because of the higher cost of non-resident licenses. They may not be loosing the affluent ones, but you need alot more than that class keep our outdoor fishing/hunting/heritage alive.

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