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-Increased numbers increase the voices who can stand together to protect the resource.

-Increased pressure always has a negative on a fishery. Poor handling of fish, causes increased mortality, as evidenced by the Clinch this year. More crowds equals more bait slingers whose only goal is to fill the stringer.
-Increased crowds brings more misery as fishing space becomes limited.
-Increased crowds brings tougher access because of landowner use problems.
-Increased crowds bring more trash and more damage to stream bed.

Overall the problems associated with more anglers far outweigh any benefits IMO. The main issue is the increase in pressure which results in higher fish mortality. Even with C&R practices there are so many who handle fish horribly that it results in death, i.e. taking pictures of fish on dry land, rocks, etc. Netting fish in general, poor fighting techniques etc etc.

From what I have seen no stream in this area has benefited from an increase in fishing pressure. It killed the Clinch years ago, and killed the Caney two years ago. I am sure it will kill again, as it is just the nature of things.

However, if it weren't for some interest and knowledge we wouldn't have the support to get regs which could ultimately benefit a river such as the Clinch.

Personally, I would love to see things return to the the way they were in the early 90's on the Clinch where there was no one hardly fishing the river, and the fishing was great.
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