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Hi Guys,

Joe Fred, We don't see many kids fishing in the Park. Some teenagers and college students do. During Spring Break our shop is loaded with older kids. But, we don't see what we would call children. That is a shame.

I remember fishing the Caney in the 70's abd 80's. Silvercreek remembers that too. Our friendship goes back decades. The Caney was not crowded at all back then. I have not fished there in 20 years but I've heard about the angler population problem. I have also heard the fishing is much better now than it was in those days. Why? Maybe my friends and I didn't have the skills anglers do now. Silvercreek has and had the skills back then. Is it better trout and habitat management? Is it more dissolved oxygen? Is it more concerned anglers? I really don't know.

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