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We could do what you say and make it easier for people to come in our store, buy conventional tackle and get the kids out there. We can do that. We will do that. That strategy would be good for our business and our sport.

I would agree too, that raising the age for licensing would be a good thing. Tennessee charges a lot, maybe too much for a license. Kids can fish in Townsend almost all year with bait. Anyone can for that matter. I encourage that.

Tennessee TU is planning a youth trout camp and I think it is going to be held at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute. It will be similar to the one in North Carolina. There was a meeting there this week. Maybe the Park Service will make an exception for bait fishing on the Middle Prong for that. If not, I'll stock some trout in the creek on our property and turn the kids loose down there with worms, crickets and lots of adults to keep an eye on them. I could buy the trout at the trout farm which is about 300 yards away for not much money at all.

Any ideas any of you have should be brought to the attention of the Park Service (Steve Moore and Matt Kulp) or our region's TWRA wildlife Commissioner (Mike Chase). Anything to do with kids and fishing would be well received by all three of these guys.

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