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All of them are good vises. I would try to go somewhere and put my hands on as many of them as I could. Mount a few hooks, see how your hands fit on the vice, look at the finish to be sure it doesn't have too much glare, see how the height of the vise suits you, think about which one gives you the most headroom to work around the fly, That is really important if you are going to be tying very small flies. Look at what accessories come with the vise, some include bobbin hangers, material clips, and carry bags or cases. Everyone has features they like and dislike, you just need to weight all the options. I very rarely use the rotary function on mine for anything other than looking at the back side or the bottom of the fly or to reposition the fly to tie in something. Having the ability to positioning the fly to make the tying in of some material easier is nice, but both of these can be accomplished simply with a vise that will rotate 360 degrees. It sure beats having to take the fly out of the vise and turn it upside down with some flies.
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