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One program WV and TU has to get the youth interested in the outdoors is the Trout in the Classroom program.

IMO, it is the best program TU has ever developed. It is a coordinated effort of industry (grants), TU (support/coordination), WV DNR (eggs), and of course the schools/children.

Three years ago we had 4 schools with TIC, it has spread like wildfire and this year have ~25 schools with 4 TU chapters supporting the program.

Earlier this year I hauled the fish to the stream for two of the schools. It is the best feeling I have ever had working within TU; to see these kids with posters, poems, cheers, etc. It is amazing!

How many of these kids will continue to maintain there enthusiasm for the outdoors, I don't know, but it has to start somewhere.

As for me, I'm doing my part with my son.

As for the cost of license, up until about 5-6 years ago I would buy an annual out-of-state TN license. When things were "froze up" here in WV, I would fish the TN tailwaters. Tennessee jacked there license by ~65% in one year and I haven't bought a TN license since. I buy the NC out-of-state and restrict my fishing to the park...not that that is a bad thing!

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