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Rebelsoul upon this post I have really come to notice alot of people mentioning the st. croix rods. I to like the made in the USA lable and for the price of their high end rods they are attainable. I do feel (only personal opinion) that for some of these nicer rod companies to compete, then there has to be a ceiling to the amount of money one can charge for a rod. Winston, Sage and Thomas and Thomas are all top notch rods but for a guy who fishes as many different situations as I do I can not afford 5 or 6 different high end rods. I do try to buy me one a year and this year looks alot like a z axis but after that I might stay with the st. croix. American made and affordable. Now that is just what I have learned from this post. I am not trying to leave scott rods out I just do not have any experience with them. This has been a very educational posting and I thank everyone for there imputs.
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