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Two years ago I bought a TFO Finesse, 7'9" 4wt. In those two years, that rod has taken a good bit of abuse. I do a lot of fishing on high gradient streams so my rod gets banged around on boulders, tossed up to free up both hands for climbing and bent and banged while bushwacking. So far, so good.

I bought a TFO to begin with because I didn't want to invest in high end equipment while I was learning to fly fish. Didn't know at the time that the learning never stops but I can't think of a good reason at this point to invest in another rod. I've given a few rods a token swish or two at LRO but haven't been able to justify investing in one - I'm having too much fun with the one I have (cheap or not, foreign or not).

The only reason I can think of that I would want to buy another rod at this point is to go to another size and I haven't been able to justify that either. Bottom line is that my TFO is still probably a better rod than I am a fly fisherman so I reckon I'll hold onto my cheap Korean rod for a while longer. The two of us are still having too much fun to put it on the shelf at this point.
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