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I found that there wasn't a lot of holes from the turnaround up to the campsite rough terrain through there but nice views mostly shallow water. From the turnaround back to Chasteen Creek Trail there were some nice holes I seen but didn't get to fish any of them I fished upstream from the turnaround.

Fishing was slow granted I'm a novice at best I caught 3 bows only one was around 6-7 inches the other 2 were like minnow's I fished dry with a dropper at 1st then switched to just the dry I had one accidental hook up that seemed like a nice fish but I never set the hook properly and that fish got off.

Campsite #49 is a very nice wide site the weather was good Saturday the water temp there was 44 degrees not sure if that had something to do with the slow fishing maybe it's just me but I am still zero on the Smokie's brook trout. Were going back to campsite 50 for 2 days on Friday and I am going to fish the middle section I got some advice on patterns from Daniel lets see how it goes with more cooler weather on the way.
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