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My favorite 12 wt is a St. Croix Avid, 9 Wt - TFO, 8 Wt - Scott, 7 Wt - TFO, 6 Wt - Winston, 5 Wt - Winston, 4 wt - Orvis and Walter Babb.

As you can see I am not biased toward any specific brand. I choose my rod based on how it casts for me or for personal reasons. I've been through and still own several 12 wt rods, most of them were expensive. I'll probably donate them to some non-profit fundraiser. But my 12 wt St. Croix Avid is not for sale. They don't make them anymore. My 8 wt Scott could not be bought. We've been through a lot together. They don't make it anymore. It is 10 years old or more. My Orvis Flea and Walter Babb rod will be mine until the last day. They could not be replaced.

Paula and I have and use often, 5 TFO Professional Series rods. They are inexpensive. We think they cast great. I don't notice the cork or components that come with a $140 rod. I have a hard enough time keeping an eye on my fly and the fish.

Most manufacturers make good rods. Every brand offers rods that cast well for me and others that don't. Some companies are good to work with if you are a dealer and I tend to like their tackle better. Some manufacturers give more back to the fly fishing community, support good causes and our resources. I tend to like their products better.

My advice is to cast them all and choose the rod that works best for you and fits your budget. I guess I'm not a person who cares what people think about the brand I am using. One exception would be my Chevy Truck which just turned over 112,000 miles. It's not for sale either.

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