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I was actually looking at those 2 rods on St. Croix's web site last night. I can't really offer an opion since I haven't cast either one. But, I thought that it was interesting that the LU is lighter (3.8 oz) than the LE (4.2 oz) in the freshwater version and (4.5 oz) in the saltwater version. I may have those weights wrong, but that was what I remember them being. I actually prefer the look of the LE in the freshwater version and have heard some really good things about the 8wt. I really like St. Croix rods, but wish they would use snake guides in thier lower line weights rather than the single foot guides. Not an issue with the 7wt and up as they use snake guides.
If you get a chance to compare them or decide to get one let us know what you think. I probably want be buying one anytime soon, but right now I think that a 7wt. would be the next rod on my wish list.
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