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I was reading your fishing report this afternoon, and wonder if you may have overlooked something. There is another way to catch trout on a fly, and sometimes depending on the situation it is easier and you can reach fish with a spinning rod and a fly better than you would with a fly rod.

One method that I have used years ago, was a clear bobber (just to give the weight for casting) and a fly below it. Now back when I was utilizing this method I didn't know anything about dropper flies, or using more than one, but it worked, and sometimes suprisingly well.

Another method that I have used to catch trout on a fly with a spinning rod is the "golden bow" method. This is something that I read about in a book about fly fishing. The golden part comes from using a highly visible line, so that you can see the bow in the line that indicates a natural drift. You rig the flys on a peice of tippet and everything else is basically the same. It does require a little more weight for casting, but in many regards I find that flyfishing I normally do not use enough weight anyway.

These are just some thoughts about possible ways to still bring in the younger fisherman, utilizing spinning gear, but keeping flies as bait. It would probably take a little experimenting on one of your guys part so that he could instruct people in it, but I think it could work fairly well.

Just some thoughts.

Have a great Thanksgiving

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