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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
Denver 1911 and Crockett--I'm fascinated by your tale and postings on the wreckage. Do you have any idea of when the accident occurred? I haven't fished the area in question in years and, oddly enough given my local connections, never heard of this. Rest assured I plan to delve deeper, and any additional information you have would be most welcome. Meanwhile, I need to plan a spring trip which will put me in that area, although as someone in his late 60s, I'm not quite as eager to venture such distances as once was the case. Still, it sounds like something I'd love to look at, photograph (and as I plan to do forthwith), research. Thanks for an intriguing tidbit of Smokies lore.
Jim Casada
When I first saw it (2005), I emailed the park service asking about it. Here is a quote from their response.

"This crash is an Air Force F-15 that crashed in 1992 during a trainingexercise. The air space above the Smokies and surrounding national forestsis a military training area due to the low population density.Park RangerGeorge Minnigh"
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