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Crockett, Silvercreek, and Denver--Thanks for all the info. I actually went straight to my shelves to consult Mayday, Mayday, which I own, but for some reason I can't lay my hands on the book. That might have something to do with having a collection of books which numbers somewhere around 15,000 and a system of organization that would be a librarian's worst nightmare.

I'm pretty sure the book (if not it, another one) does cover another plan crash with which I'm all too familiar. Filetus (sp.?) Ferguson was a local pilot who had his own landing strip in the Ferguson Fields (now owned by the Cherokees) along the Tuckasegee River. A local soldier was about to be AWOL and he convinced Ferguson to fly him back to his base. The weather was bad, with a low ceiling and fog, and they should never have taken off. Ferguson flew into a mountain and they were both killed. The Ferguson family were members of the Presbyterian Church in Bryson City, the congregation in which I grew up, and I was visiting my parents when the plane was reported lost. The preacher announced it in church and a few hours later the worst was confirmed.
I've read the book though and don't remember this being covered.

As for the Cabin Flats area, I've been in that area since 1992 but probably just didn't wade that particular stretch of stream. I don't know that my knowledge would draw interest from even the most inexpensive of Sherpas, but I intend to get there sometime in the coming year and check it out for myself.

Meanwhile I'm going to check with my brother and Ken Wise, two of the most knowledgeable folks I know when it comes to Park trails, and see what they have to say.

Again, thanks to all of you for insight on one more of the seemingly endless areas of interest in the Park's human history.

Jim Casada
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