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Are you planning on doing an overnight at the campsite when you go? If so and you want some company I'd be glad to join you. Surely someone has to have a picture of that engine? I am glad I didn't find it I probably would have thought aliens had landed or something. I have been a good ways up a few streams so far, and it gets a bit erie at times when your alone.

All kinds of things run through your head like what if I were to slip and get knocked out? fall and break a leg? encounter a rouge bear, and then you get a strike and it's game on and you forget all of the dangers involved. Somehow I just don't think I'd be satisfied parking my truck and getting out and fishing to me it's the journey I am packed now for another 2 day trip up Bradly Fork. I fished today near Tremont the water temp was 42 and I had 2 small strikes in 2 hours of fishing, I hope to do better on Bradly Fork on Saturday the weather tomorrow is supposed to be cold and windy so no fishing til Saturday.
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