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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
Can someone explain to me why a TFO rod cost a $149 to $199 while a sage cost from $200 up. I know the difference in the fact that TFO is korean made but what is the differences when it comes to the build and/or quality of the rods. I have a hard time making myself buy a TFO (korean) rod versus other rods but for the money and from what I see I cannot understand the differences. I do not believe it is the cosmetics for they seem similar. And what is the difference that makes one rod $700 v/s $199. I am not trying to be sarcastic or mean I trully do not understand. I have never built rods and that is why I am trying to learn if it is something in the build or is it just a prestige thing to own the higher end rods. All my rods are of higher end value but my fishing partner fishes TFO'S and darn I can't really see a difference except price and cosmetics. Any help in understanding this I would greatly appreciate. Thanks.
I do all kinds of fishing. I own rods that run from TFO professional series to offshore stuff close to $1000 brand new. There are companies that will charge you more for a name, some for components, and some for both. Time and experience will answer these questions for you. Some rod manufacturers bounce back and forth between the different variables and you have to look at each model year to determine what they are selling that year.

When I buy a rod I look at what I need from that rod to meet my goals and expectations. For big game or exacting fishing conditions I want premium state of the art components. For the rest of it, I want to avoid issues with break down. With the exception of spey casting I have not found a fly fishing situation in freshwater where components mean very much. Unless you start looking at rods under $100 that are made with components that breakdown after a few uses this is not an issue. I find it amusing when people make arguments about components for a fly rod to catch a 3lb (on a really good day) or less sized fish.

But that is how I approach fishing. I know guys who don't want to get caught dead on a stream without the most expensive rod they can own, no BS, got to cost at least $1500. But they couldn't catch a fish if it committed suicide. They claim that they really enjoy the fishing though. If they do enjoy the fishing then they have met their personal goals. We each fish for different reasons.
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