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Thank you sir for your kind words and your generous offering to the cause. I really cannot thank you enough. For anyone out there that wants to help out I just delievered a bunch of stuff, some from me, Flyred06 and his wonderful wife, and my local small flyshop. I encourage any of you aout there that wants to help out to contact me at and we can get things to the troops. The fishing there is lake style and they do NOT wade due to water quality, however they use 6-8 weights and the fish are strong. My new frined that was stationed there until a few months ago said they have a big locker area for all gear and it literally offers them relief for several hours ever three weeks. Boys and girls we go fishing for several hours when we have a bad day to forget the troubles of our lives. The Men and Women who maintain our freedom to do this have "bad days' that we Thank GOD will never know, the least I feel that I can do is offer them the ability to go fishing, any gear, and tackle, anything will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to Flyred06 and his family, I truly hope to one day meet you sir on a river or a flat. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS OUT MILITARY.

Barry Murphy
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