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Default fishing a softhackle

Any of the ways that you mentioned are alright to excellent when fishing a softhackle. When fishing in the Park you will usually see them fished in tandem just below a nymph or underneath a dry fly. They may be deaddrifted or cast across stream and allowed to swing in the current until they slowly rise to the surface. This is when you will get a lot of strikes. They are just as deadly when fished deep about 12-14 inches below a weighted nymph. In both cases they appear to be an emerging insect that is very vulnerable.
When fished on tailwaters they are usually cast across stream and allowed to swing downstream in the current. You can add some slight movement to them. As they approach the surface they will cause fish to just go crazy and induce very strong strikes. Swinging a nymph is about the same thing. Try some each way and see if they work for you.
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