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thanks Hugh

i geuss i have used the swing method before. i use it in bigger waters trying to get as much drift while searching for fish with nymph on new water. i caught three rainbows back in june in the little river with your smoky mountain blackbird(well one i tiedanyways) it has to be the best pattern i have ever used. i got to use a big white poly strike indicator, there was the white flowers of the mountain laurels all over the water and the fish didn't mind. i tie them down to a sz 20 and use them everywhere. while i have the chance, for inventing that fly


back to swinging a fly. i always wondered why the strikes came when i lifted the fly to throw it back up stream.

this is why i LOVE fly fishing. there is always something new to learn. new flies to tie, new places to fish, new goal to strive for.

thanks again maybe my wife could buy me into one of your nymphing classes this coming year.
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