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I also have both a C-clamp and a pedestal base for my Dyna-King Barracuda Jr. Even though I have an established tying desk, I tend to use the C-clamp base more often. I use the extension rod with the standard upright rod on the vise, which allows the clamp to be out of the way when the vise is positioned for use. Also, I position the vise a bit away from the edge of the desk so that when I drop the bobbin with an extended thread length, such as when spinning dubbing, it does not loose tension to the fly. I also like that when I trim materials, the trimmings can drop down into the catch bag and not go on the desk. This keeps the work surface of the desk cleaner, and makes locating materials on the desk easier for me.

The other option for a vise which I think is a "must have" is a profile plate. This gives you a great neutral color background to work against as you tie. I wasn't sure I would like it when I first got one, but after using it, it sure makes seeing what you are doing a lot easier. Even if you have a neutral color on your desktop, the majority of the time your sight line is going to be somewhat parallel to the desktop, and the profile plate gives you a near field background to work against that is easy on the eyes.

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