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Sam--Thanks, and as I have made abundantly manifest, I don't use a GPS. I also don't own (and don't want) one of those infernal inventions of the devil known as a cell phone. I don't need one of those technological umbilical cords.
I reckon one of the days I'll wish I had one or the other, but I haven't been lost yet (although as Daniel Boone once said, I have been "temporarily misplaced) and that won't happen in the mountains. Downhill will always, with enough time and bushwhacking, get you to a trail and eventually civilization. I'll pass the coordinates on to my brother who, as an engineer, understands and uses all that stuff to splendid effect.
Truth be told, I reckon I was born about a century too late, and if I never watched another TV program it wouldn't ruin my life. On the other hand, take books away from me and I would be a desperate man.
Thanks for the information and explanation.
Jim Casada
P. S. Lest any skeptics say, "why you've got a website so you must be slightly in touch with the modern world," I don't know doodly-squat about it the web presence. I just write my monthly newsletter (subscriptions are free, a deal you can't beat, although some might question whether the product is worth any more than the cost), prepare the book lists, fill the books orders, answer the queries, and cobble together the other material. What I can't handle driectly by e-mail I send to my webmaster in Missoula, Montana. She does the rest, and since she's a keen hunter and outdoors person, I'm completely comfortable with her work.
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