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Back in the middle of the summer i purchased a leader tying kit and started tying my own leaders. Im very pleased with the decision. It allows you to make many different leads for the different situations you encounter, for a fraction of the cost. As far as getting the coils out of a tied leader its alot easier, i just grab the knots on the end of each section between my thumb and finger and pull with a good bit of force, but not to much and it stretchs the coils right out. I don't even carry a leader straightner anymore. I found a program on the internet thats FREE called LeaderCalc. Steve Schweitzer from the global fly fishers made it. He was tired of always having to relentlessly search for leader formulas so he compiled a huge list of leader formulas and made an excel program to where all you have to do is enter your line wt. (3wt,5wt etc), the length you want and final tippet size and it gives you the formula (size and length of each section) for anywhere from just a few all the way up to 50 different types of leaders. Theres nymph leaders, dry only leaders, all-purpose, bass bug etc. Heres the link if you want to check it out-
The initial cost for a leader kit is a little bit, but you save alot in long run. Each leader is something like $0.25-0.30. I think its fun, and its a good feeling to catch fish on leaders you tied yourself. Now i just need learn how to tie flies. I got tired of spending anywhere from 3 to 5 or 6 bucks on a single leader. check it out its really interesting.

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