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Default Czech Nymphing

The techniques used in Czech Nymphing in Europe are a little different than our methods of high stickin with nymphs in the Smokies. The way the flies are attached is one thing and the number of flies is another. Each of these techniques can be compromised a little and still be successful.
The best Czech Nymphing is done in somewhat high water conditions and lots of weight is used to get the flies right onto the bottom. The flies are not exactly dead drifted, but lead with a slight amount of tension on the line.. Most of the fishing would be done in the upper parts of a heavy run and constant slow leading of the flies is kept so that a strike can be felt through the line and up the rod to the hand. This is different from dead drifting where we watch the leader or the end of the flyline to detect strikes. Conditions are pretty good for this type of fishing now and up through late March or when we come to the end of high water. You have got to have a pretty strong flow to keep the flies from hanging up very frequently. They will be bumping the bottom all of the time. High Stickin with nymphs and Czech Nymphing can both be productive, but my favorite is Tandem rig nymph fishing in the Park.
Good luck when you try, it and let us know how you do.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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