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BlueRaiderFan--If you mean the Park trails and backcountry campsite map, you can download and print it from the Park's web site. It is also in my book (I believe you said you are getting it for your birthday) in a folded, removable form. It's also available at the Sugarlands Visitor Center, although I'm not sure whether or not it is free.
Going a bit farther though, I'd recommend that anyone who plans to spend much time in the backcountry either get one of those GPS-type gizmos (tells you I kon't know much about them, but I've seen my brother punch buttons and tell us exactly where we were, how long we had to go before getting a campsite, etc.) or else do it the old-fashioned way I do; namely, obtain a complete set of the USGS topo maps covering the Park. You'll need 40 or so of them but it is an investment which has repaid me many times over. Incidentally, I list the relevant topo maps for each stream covered in my book at the beginning of the chapter on that creek.
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