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The European method is a little different in a couple ways. The technique was developed because most international fishing competitions don't allow weight on the leader or the use of strike indicators on the leader. The leader and flles are a little different than most of us use. They usually place a bright piece of material between the leader and fly line to use as the indicator. The leaders are almost without taper. Usually they are about a rod length of a couple sizes of leader material. They are generally nothing more than a 4 or 5 foot piece of 4 or 5X leader material with 2 pieces of 5X tippet about 20-24 inches added. Most use either a blood or surgeons knot to add the tippet pieces and only trim one side of the tag ends. The 1st and middle fly are tied to the tag ends. I try to leave my tag ends about 8-10 inches long. The heaviest fly is generally placed in the middle of the system and is called the anchor fly. You generally hold the rod parallel to the water and gently lead the anchor fly thru the run, the other two flies are free to move around and will catch most of the fish. This same leader system works well for fishing a cast of wet flies. The main difference I see in this technique is what Hugh was saying about slack in the system. High sticking depends on slack in the system to produce a dead drift, and much of this is accomplished by raising and lower the rod during the drift. With the European method you are maintaing slight tension on the anchor fly and gently leading the cast of flies thru the run without lowering or raising the rod as much. There is lots of information out there on this technique. It can be deadly for maneuvering the fly into an exact spot on the stream bottom. One last note, pay attention the the placement and weight of the flies. Here is a good link with the leader system and placement of flies according to their weight. If tying your own leaders isn't your thing they can be commercially bought, I know Umpqua makes one.
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