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tennswede got that right! They made brass kerosene stoves used by mtn. climbers and Beduin before even 'white gas' was invented:-). Coleman [which most americans think is 'old'] is a 'newby' compared to them.
While about any of the canister stoves 'work', the newer [but bigger and heavier] flame heads allow better heat regulation [simmering is possible]. AND usually quieter.
Most canister mixes now contain propane in the butane mix and work better in severe cold [helps efficiency to insulate the base].
Can't think of a reason to 'trade' it for any other iteration. I've probably got 10 canister stoves and 6 white gas/multifuels [even a multifuel canister] and it's just a matter of size/bulk vs quietness usually as to which I use.
The 'jetboil' concept [seems everybody has 'their' version now] is a bulky pot-dependent system. OK for car camping use I guess, but ridicuously bulky in a pack.
If all the user does is heat water for freeze dried foods or oatmeal/ramen noodle 'cooking' you can get by with 90% alcohol stoves. Personally they're for dining room use under the fondue. Simply a poor return on weight /bulk vs BTU's . I like coffee in quantity and the capability to FRY wild meat, REAL food, etc. Hard to beat a canister stove for wkend 'stream trips' [light, compact and HOT].
You oughta enjoy your Optimus. If you buy one yourself, the built-in piezo lighter iterations are nice. Ghost
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