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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
The 'jetboil' concept [seems everybody has 'their' version now] is a bulky pot-dependent system. OK for car camping use I guess, but ridicuously bulky in a pack.
If all the user does is heat water for freeze dried foods or oatmeal/ramen noodle 'cooking' you can get by with 90% alcohol stoves. Personally they're for dining room use under the fondue. Simply a poor return on weight /bulk vs BTU's .....
I think the jetboil hoosier was referring to is the PCS, while you may be referring to the GCS. The PCS is more compact. The jetboils are handy if you are cooking dried foods or freezer bag foods, but beyond that I wouldn't recommend one.

In my opinion, all the stoves have their upsides and downsides. I find the canister stoves to be a good all around option, unless you are at high altitude (higher than anything in the smokies) or it is near 0 degrees.....although I have used my snowpeak gigapower stove when its pretty darn cold.
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